Selling in Uncertain Times

Watching the local news and the national news creates an air of uncertainty to business owners.  Here are some tips to work toward your goals during crisis periods and breeze through periods of doubt with your customers and your employees.

• Don’t let the customer see you sweat! Anxiety is contagious.

• Empathize (vs. sympathize) with your customers. Intellectually understand their problems but beware of over-identifying with their misfortunes.

• Probe deeper for cross-selling opportunities.

• Keep the focus long-term. Tough times don’t last forever. Help customers focus on their long-term objectives and sell to these.

• Be a positive information source. Bring customers good news and success stories.

• Stress quality and durability.

• Add value instead of cutting price. Look for ways to build your offering so price becomes a detail.

• Bone up on your negotiating skills. Be flexible, creative, and persistent. Find ways to offer minor concessions, but prudently drag your feet before giving them.

• Don’t believe everything you hear. Some so-called bad news is pre-negotiation posturing.

• Practice self-motivation.

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