Darling Baby

According to the Consumer Expenditure Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, parents in the 25 – 34-year-old age group spent $5.2 billion on infant equipment, furniture and apparel. The 35 – 44 age group spent $3.4 billion. The two groups combined spent 62 percent more than the total spent by all other age groups. Together, these young parents laid out more than $8 billion on goods and gifts for the new baby. And thatʼs only half of the total money generated by the birth of these new infants.

Gift basket packers should be aware of what consumers WANT to buy. According to the American Baby Group Baby Products Tracking Study, the following are the top of the list for purchases for first babies:

Listed in order of volume

1. Baby linens  2. Baby clothes/layette 3. Car Seat  4. Baby bottles/nursers  5. Strollers
6. Nursery monitor
7. Baby toys   8. Baby toiletries
9. Odorless diaper pail  10. Crib/baby furniture

While we may not be able to offer cribs and car seats, there are plenty of items on the most-wanted Mom list that can be packed into baskets. Whatʼs more, offering your packing services to the store where the Mom is registered could mean a boom in new packing revenue (imagine the delight of the Mom receiving a bassinet, put together, packed with all her most-wanted items, and delivered to the door where the shower is being held!).

There are as many opportunities for baby business. Just put on your brainstorming pot of coffee and develop your short and long term list of goals — and your business plan — for getting a crib full of business.

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