Stack and Pack It!

Give Customers What They Want . . . Just Stack and Pack It!

Chocolate, coffee, bath salts and lotion . . . you’ve got it all wrapped up this spring!

When customers call this season you can be ready for instant deliveries. Everything a customer could want can be pre-packed in pretty gift components. All the customer has to do is tell you what they want and how much they want to spend. You can pull pre- packed containers from your shelves, wrap them, stack them, and ship them out the door.

With the economy  on recovery, no one — especially consumers — knows how much they will be willing to spend in the coming months for a gift. Will they spend $15, $30, $50, or over $100? Planning for gift baskets in a range of sizes can be as simple as choosing an assortment of stackable boxes. With this concept, you can pack spa gifts in one box that might sell for $15. In another, you might pack more expensive lotions for $25. But when the big spender walks in wanting a larger gift, suggest a stack of spa gifts (the $15 AND $25 packed sets) — now you have a $40 gift ready to go. For the customer willing to spend even more, stack larger boxes of higher quality gifts.

Snug the boxes together with Glue Dots. Then wrap the stack tightly in a strip of cellophane on the sides. Pull it all together with ribbon top to bottom.

spring BlogStack and Pack gifts are easy with coordinated nested boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a bonus, because you can plan a line of coordinated color boxes, you might be able to snip your ribbon budget down to size — finally! It is also interesting and fun to mix the shapes in a stack. Instead of stacking all round boxes, for example, experiment with an angled or square box on the bottom, and a smaller, round box on top.

Design Notes:

• The design on the top left is a combination of two pre- packed gift boxes. In the lower photo, the two gifts are shown separately. Either set could be sold individually with balloons or a floral enhancement on top. But when the taller design is packed atop the flat-packed gift set, the combination is visually appealing AND a thrifty, labor-saving approach to gift basket design.

•The stacked set of gifts on the top right is decorated with a frugal but festive bow of layered tissue paper. Tissue paper squares are cut at angles to create the smart and snappy paper bow. In the center, a quick-to-fix ribbon bow.

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