Client Gift Giving

manwoman-shaking-hands-clip-artBe careful in your gift giving to clients. Your intention should be a gift they will enjoy and appreciate, not a lavish or outrageous gift that will “outdo” the competition. The gift should be sent to the office and should be business appropriate. Check with the client’s assistant for their likes and dislikes. Certificates to a nice restaurant or bookstore, or their favorite shop, are very appropriate and enjoyable. If more than one person from your office is sending this customer a gift, make sure you check before sending duplicate gifts.


Thank-you notes:When you receive a gift or are invited to a party, a thank-you note should be sent the next day, or at least within a week. The handwritten note only needs to be a few lines thanking them for the specific gift or invitation. Do not include a company brochure or any other pieces of printed material. It is a thank-you note and not a ploy to get more business.

Always be on your best behavior, no matter what the situation. By remembering the proper ways to dress and socialize, you may be doing more than just building your contacts. You could be making some of the most important connections of your career at the next event or party you attend!


Colleen A. Rickenbacher is a business etiquette expert and author of “Be on Your Best Business Behavior.”

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